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A Flying Fork Newsletter : : Winter 2009

In the spring of 2009, regrettably, we have made the decision to shut down operations for the foreseeable future. This is no reflection on our wonderful clientele - over 200 of you - who have been a pleasure to serve. The economic downturn has interrupted our supply chain, and with being forced to purchase at the retail level, at this time the business is not operationally viable. The website and accounts will remain active in the short term and your information is protected, as always, under the terms of our Privacy Policy.

ANNOUNCING : : Alternative Grocery Delivery Options
Posted by A Flying Fork on Thursday 30th April, 2009 @ 15:01   Printable Version

FF News A Flying Fork offered much more than just standard groceries, but here are some alternative service options.

offers home delivery within Barrie city limits. Orders placed by telephone on Monday mornings are delivered Monday aft/eve for a $15 charge. Call Monday mornings only 705-728-9696.

Consider It Done! Concierge & Errand Service

offers a long list of services to cater to your every need. From shopping for your groceries to picking up your prescription, we've got your errands covered. Contact Tania McRea 795-4555. Hourly charge.

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CONTEST : : Santa-Gator - Everyone Wins!
Posted by A Flying Fork on Thursday 11th December, 2008 @ 15:52   Printable Version

Contests The free Santa-Gator (or Turtle) loaf from Fox's Bakery is available the last two weeks of December 2008 to customers in our standard delivery areas who place an order and complete the contest puzzle to provide the 'secret word'.

The Santa-Gator is a large shaped white bread loaf approximately 16 inches in length (snout to curve of tail), accompanied by a felt santa hat. It is fresh-baked on the day of delivery and may be frozen for a later date if desired. The turtle is slightly wider and shorter. It may be hollowed out to hold a spinach dip.

Please note that each felt santa hat is hand-sewn with a pom-pom, and has not been tested for child-safety, and is recommended for display purposes only. Depending on the popularity of the contest, we may run out of hats.

Winning prize will be delivered with one (1) grocery order within the contest time period, and is limited to one (1) prize per residence during the contest period.

To arrange to receive your prize:

1. Solve the contest puzzle to reveal the secret word. The puzzle is aimed at kids, but is open to any customer

2. Place a grocery order as usual, and order at least two days in advance so we have time to order the animal-loaf (i.e. order by Monday night 10pm for Wednesday delivery).

3. At check-out during the order process, indicate in the Comments section: 1. the secret word, and 2. the type of 'creature' you prefer.

The contest is closed after December 29, 2008.

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EVENT: Bridesmaid dress gathering dust?
Posted by A Flying Fork on Wednesday 28th March, 2007 @ 17:30   Printable Version

Events Remember the little black dress that made you the hit of your prom? Or the red number that set you apart at a Christmas party or wedding? Your good memories of yesterday could become a wonderful reality for a teenager today!

The Ballroom Blitz is a non-profit community organization, whose goal is to enable less fortunate graduating female high school students across Simcoe County to attend their prom.

"As you clean out your closets, think of the Ballroom Blitz and the new life and memories waiting for your dresses and accessories."

"We are grateful to all our donors! We are particularly in need of fancy jewellery, purses, wraps and new or nearly new gowns in excellent condition in all fabrics, sizes and colours that meet our Donation Guidelines."

The giveaway will be held on April 28, 2007 in Barrie.

Contact Robin at:

(705) 309-3007
Or visit their website www.ballroom-blitz.org

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FOOD & DRINK Magazine : : Spring 2007
Posted by A Flying Fork on Sunday 25th March, 2007 @ 19:21   Printable Version

Sugar Pies
Spa Style Cuisine
Spring Cocktails
Five Fresh Drinks in Shades of Green
Fusion Fever
A Perfect Pair
Finger on the Pulses
A Two-in-One Menu
The Story of Pasta
A Veggie Lunch
Tools of the Trade

These recipes may now be found online at the LCBO Food&Drink site

Sugar Pies: Tasty endings for Easter or any special dinner, these delectable deserts add sweetness to springtime.

Lemon Sugar Tart
Rum Butter Tarts with Toasted Pecans
Flemish Chocolate Tart
Fig and Whiskey Pie with Orange Cream
Shoofly Pie

Spa Style Cuisine: A sumptious menu inspired by spa food. Light, yet great for entertaining.

Edammame Hummus
Curried Zucchini Soup
Market Salad with Ranch Dressing
Red Mountain Quinoa Risotto
Poached Salmon on a bed of Vegetables
Mango Mousse

Spring Cocktails and Five Fresh Drinks in Shades of Green: An ode to the season in all its glory.

The Chartreuse Fiesta
The Budding Cocktail
The Caramel Apple Martini
The Exotic Emerald Martini
The Grass is Always Greener

Fusion Fever: Sensation fusion foods paired with drinks, both traditional and surprising.

Five Spice Duck Breasts with Duck Confit Dumplings
Bok Choi Stirfry
Pan Seared Thai Beef on a bed of Fragrant Noodles
Indian Rice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Apple Sauce
Miso Rubbed Roasted Chicken Breast on a bed of Sushi Rice Pilaf
Morrocan Grilled Scallops with Eggplant Confit
Tandoori Leg of Lamb with Cucumber Salsa
Mango Ginger Chutney

A Perfect Pair: Our pick for this season's best food and drink pairing.

Herb Souffles

Finger on the Pulses: Nourishing pulses (dried legumes) shine in these four side dishes that add pizzaz to main courses.

Asian Chickpea Mix
Lentils and Prosciutto
White Bean Mash
Black-Eyed Pea and Goat Cheese Toss

A Two-in-One Menu: Whether you're celebrating Easter or Passover, this versatile menu is sure to please a crowd.

Rack of Lamb with Garlic and Anchovy Pesto
Souffle Potatoes
Asparagus and Orange Salad
Chocolate Meringue Cake

The Story of Pasta: There's more than 600 shapes of pasta in circulation today. Discover why this much-loved staple has global reach.

A Veggie Lunch: Tasty vegetarian fare for a light and tasty spring lunch.

Spring Greens with Asparagus Crostini
Spinach Salad with Vidalia Dressing
Herbed Gnocchi
Chili Cheddar and Coriander Omelette

Spinach: Fresh seasonal spinach stars in these great-tasting mains and sides.

Sauteed Chicken Thighs with Wilted Spinach and Thai Rice
White Spinach Pizza
New Potato Gratin with Leeks and Spinach

Tools of the Trade: Get the scoop on kitchen essentials that the pros can't live without.

Jamie Oliver's Rustic French Rub

Food & Drink magazine is published by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario six times a year, and is offered to the public through LCBO stores in Ontario.

Find out how you can reserve your very own copy of this high-quality glossy magazine as soon as it becomes available, and have it delivered with your order.

Remember, A Flying Fork is licensed to deliver liquor, wine, beer and spirits!

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TIP: Can I freeze cheese?
Posted by A Flying Fork on Wednesday 28th February, 2007 @ 15:06   Printable Version

Kitchen Tips Dairy prices have jumped twice in as many years. It is now important than ever to maximize the use of these perishables.

Dairy prices have jumped twice in as many years. It is now important than ever to maximize the use of these perishables.

The following tips will help you determine which cheeses, milks, creams, yogurts and eggs can be frozen (and which should not), as well as storage tips and unthawing directions to keep foods fresh and safe for your family.

From Dairygoodness.ca:

You can freeze many Canadian cheeses, in pieces of 500 g or less, for up to two months! The most freezer-friendly are those in the semi-soft, firm and hard categories. Simply use thick freezer bags to protect against exposure to air, and defrost in the fridge rather than at room temperature.

Do keep in mind that freezing can affect their texture and character. This is why thawed cheeses are best used for cooking.

Soft (Brie, Camembert, Sir Laurier d'Arthabaska, Providence Oka, Empereur, etc.) and fresh cheeses (Cottage, Cream, Quark, Ricotta, etc.) are not recommended for freezing, so enjoy them while they're fresh!

More tips for freezing cheese: Wrap well in aluminum foil. Place them in freezer bags and remove the air. Before freezing, allow them to cool in the refrigerator. It is also preferable to let the cheese thaw in the refrigerator to allow it to regain the humidity lost when frozen.

From Dairygoodness.ca:

Freezing cream is not recommended. In most cases, freezing cream changes the flavour and causes curdling and a granular texture. Heating and stirring may help overcome some textural changes.

Since sour cream separates when thawed, it is not a useful ingredient after freezing.

Do not freeze yogurt – freezing affects its flavour and texture.

From Silksoymilk.ca:

Can I freeze soy beverages (fresh or in tetra packs)?

Shelf stable containers are sterile, hermetically sealed boxes that are often used for products like soup, juice or soy beverages. Like canned foods, foods in shelf stable containers can be stored for extended periods without refrigeration.

Once opened, shelf stable milk needs to be refrigerated.

Although it is perfectly safe to freeze soy beverages, it is not recommend. Once thawed, frozen soy beverages tend to separate irregularly, greatly reducing its appeal. The date stamped on the carton is not an expiration date, but rather an "open by" date. Once opened, the product must be refrigerated and will remain fresh for up to 10 days.

From Natrel.ca:

Can you freeze milk?
Yes, for a maximum period of three weeks. Freezing milk does not alter its taste nor its nutritional value, but crystals will form during thawing. Also, the higher the fat content in the milk, the more difficult it is to freeze.

Can I freeze buttermilk?
Yes buttermilk can be frozen as long as you don't mind the mild separation which may occur. Be sure to thaw buttermilk in the refrigerator and gently stir or shake it to restore its texture. Once thawed, it can be used for cooking and baking.

From Eggs.ca:

Raw eggs can be frozen for up to 4 months. Simply beat the whole egg until just blended. Pour into a freezer container, seal tightly, label with the number of eggs and the date. Use within four months. Substitute 3 tablespoons thawed whole egg for 1 large fresh egg.

Egg whites can be frozen “as is”. Pour them into freezer containers, seal tightly, and label with the number of egg whites and the date and
freeze. Substitute 2 tablespoons thawed egg white for 1 large egg white. Egg yolks will thicken or gel when frozen and may become impossible to use in a recipe unless they receive special treatment. To retard this gelation, beat in either 1/8 teaspoon salt or 1½ teaspoons sugar or corn syrup per ¼ cup of egg yolks (about 4 yolks). Label with the number of yolks, the date and whether you added salt (for
main dishes) or sugar (for desserts or baking). Substitute 1 tablespoon thawed yolk for 1 large fresh yolk. Freeze eggs in small quantities and defrost only what you need.

An easy way to freeze them is to put them in an ice-cube tray. When frozen, transfer them into a freezer container and label. As with any frozen food, it is best to thaw eggs in the refrigerator and use them as soon as they are thawed. Only use thawed eggs in dishes that
will be thoroughly cooked.

It is not recommended to freeze hard cooked eggs. They are safe to use but the whites become tough and watery.

From the National Center for Home Preservation:

General Freezing information including:

Foods That Do Not Freeze Well
Containers for Freezing
Headspace to Allow
How Long to Store Frozen Foods

List of how to freeze freezable foods

From the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education:

Can-Fight-BAC Storage Chart (pdf)
Can-Fight-BAC Cooking Chart (pdf)

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FOOD & DRINK Magazine : : Winter 2007
Posted by A Flying Fork on Monday 15th January, 2007 @ 17:44   Printable Version

Potluck Pleasures
A Midwinter Day's Feast
Cold and Flu Foods
Weeknight Wonders
Nuevo Latino
New Sensations
Coffee Breaks
A Perfect Pair

These recipes may now be found online at the LCBO Food&Drink site

Cabbage: In season now, classic recipes revisted with a fresh twist.

Cabbage Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
Stuffed Whole Cabbage
Cabbage and Chestnut Soup

Potluck Pleasures: Share the workload and have some fun with this menu where each course is paired with a different wine.

Smoked Trout Salad
Beef with Cabernet Sauce
Potato Bread
Carrot Parsnip and Celeriac Stir-Fry
Three-Cheese Tart
Apple Cake with Goat Cheese Icecream

A Midwinter Day's Feast: Banish winter chills with an array of hearty hot sandwiches.

Grilled Bocconini with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
Open Faced Tuna Melt with Artichokes and Provolone
Ponzu-Glazed Chicken Sandwiches with Tomato Relish and Wasabi Mayonnaise
Black Angus Hoagies with Chipotle Mayonnaise
Veal Sandwiches with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Cold and Flu Foods: When you're under the weather, these comforting and flavourful foods are TLC in a bowl.

Rustic Mashed Potatoes
Tortilla Soup with Tomatillos and Avocado Salsa
Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
Thai Curry Noodles

Weeknight Wonders: Simple recipes featuring store-bought shortcuts that are sure to please the crowd.

Faster-than-Takeout Pizza
Fresh Winter Salad
Linguine with Pancetta and Arugula

Nuevo Latino: Spice up winter with the sensational taste of South American-inspired food and drinks.

Seafood Casserole with White Wine
Argentine Short Ribs with Red Wine
Criolla Salad
Spiced Chicken Fajitas with Beer
Grilled Vegetable Relish
Avocado Salsa
Coconut Bread Pudding with Rum or Tequila

New Sensations: From green tea to chai and pomegranate, new and trendy spirits that shine in cool cocktails.

The Zen Saketini
The Chai Berry Martini
The Vanilla Latte

Coffee Breaks: Complete your meal with classic specialty coffees served with sweet treats.

Corretto with Lemon Biscotti, Crisps and Spice Triangles
Spanish-Irish Style with Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Diamonds
Fancy Coffee with Honey Vanilla Pound Cake with Honeyed Mixed Berries

A Perfect Pair: Our picks for the season's best food and drink pairing.

Welsh Rarebit served with Hobgoblin Ale

Food & Drink magazine is published by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario six times a year, and is offered to the public through LCBO stores in Ontario.

Find out how you can reserve your very own copy of this high-quality glossy magazine as soon as it becomes available, and have it delivered with your order.

Remember, A Flying Fork is licensed to deliver liquor, wine, beer and spirits!

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STRESS-FREE LIVING: Let’s Make Room In your Life!
Posted by A Flying Fork on Friday 12th January, 2007 @ 12:04   Printable Version

Lifestyle With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to get serious about making some room in our lives for the people and possessions we treasure most.

Margaret Harlos, local Professional Organizer with Living Organized, shares these tips for de-cluttering and de-stressing your life.

Rule number one - don't keep things you don't like!

It's amazing how many people have things in their homes that they're really not fond of, or that serve no useful purpose. Do you have books that haven’t been read for years on subjects that are out-of-date? Do you have items that Aunt Martha gave you for Christmas that you’ve never liked nor will ever use? Maybe you’ve been keeping an outdated, ill-fitting jacket simply because it was an expensive purchase. Perhaps you’re hanging onto a piece of furniture that’s attracting dust in your basement only because it once belonged to a loved one. Frankly, no matter what it originally cost, if you don't like something, it shouldn’t have a place in your home. Donate it to someone who will enjoy it. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

If you're keeping it for someone else . . .

Your home is not a profit-making storage facility. If you're holding on to things for your daughter who’s now married with kids, pass them over to her so she can decide whether to keep them or toss them. If you’re holding on to things for a friend after having a yard sale, ask him or her to pick them up, and set a firm timeline. You could offer to have a charity pick them up on your friend’s behalf. Any storage space you own should be reserved for you and the family members currently living in your home. And frankly, now might be the best time to consider whether you really need to store a lot of the stuff you own, or whether the space could be better employed, say, as living space.

When you buy something new, get rid of something old

Create a memory box. The longer you live, the more memories you're going to acquire. If you're not careful, you can clutter your home with so many memories that you won’t have space for anything else. Your past will infringe on your present and your future. Instead, purchase plastic containers to store your memorabilia. As you go through your mementos, try to determine what you truly wish to keep and what you can really do without. When these containers are full, the rule is to remove and get rid of, or give away, one item before you put another item inside. This will ensure only the most precious memories are stored and preserved. Take the time to pass on these things to friends and loved ones now. If you have grandchildren or great-grandchildren, share the memories along with the stories that give the items meaning.

How many things are on your ‘To Do’ list?

When you say ‘yes’ to one thing, it usually means saying ‘no’ to something else. You’ll need to ask yourself which is the more important use of your time, money or resources. Each of us only has 24 hours in our day. Listen to your intuition as you decide how to channel your energies. Make yourself a list of the top 5 areas of endeavour that are fundamentally the most important to you, and then focus on those alone. Remember, no one needs to even attempt to be Superman or Superwoman. No individual can or should take on every single request and expect to emerge from the undertaking feeling calm, balanced or relaxed.

Scheduling and your calendar

Last but not least, own a single day-timer or calendar. Your entire life, not just your business appointments, should be recorded in it. Everything - including coffee with a friend, time with your children or spouse, a planned day at the spa or a trip to the mall - should be scheduled. If you use more than one calendar you’ll have to constantly cross-reference in order not to inadvertently forget something that might be important. Remember, if you don’t schedule your own personal time, you can be sure that someone else will schedule it for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Living Organized!


Living Organized provides Professional Organizing Services for Residential clients, Small Offices and Home Office-based Businesses.

Contact us by visiting our website at www.living-organized.ca;
by e-mailing us at info@living-organized.ca, or by calling (705) 431-7774 for a free consultation.

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OPINION: Peace into the New Year and Beyond...
Posted by A Flying Fork on Friday 1st December, 2006 @ 15:04   Printable Version

Lifestyle In a world full of uncertainty and turmoil, it is hard for some to find a reason to celebrate this holiday season. You pick up any local newspaper or tune in to any channel for the 6pm news and you are bombarded with stories and images of war-torn countries, families separated from each other, or evil lurking beneath the surface of our own communities in the form of pedophilia, pornography and child abuse. In Iraq, 23 Shiite men were gunned down in front of their families; in Ontario a harrowing 2/3 women are sexually assaulted; homelessness in Simcoe County continues to be on the rise; and overseas the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues no closer to any resolution. Celebrating seems difficult to do when the world appears in chaos.

But ask the common everyday person if he wants to pull the trigger on his neighbours. Ask true followers of the Quran if they believe that those who don’t convert should be executed. Ask followers of Jesus’ teachings if shunning local prostitutes or looking down on those who aren’t Christian is really what the Bible is about. And ask anyone of your neighbours if they think it is okay to let men off on rape charges because a woman “asked for it” by wearing a skirt. I think you would be surprised to find that the average person wants nothing more than a healthy, happy life and to live peacefully with family and friends.

War and violence are nothing more than the product of power and control. Political and religious leaders pervert, reinterpret and manipulate teachings and texts to suit their own purposes –to achieve revenge or to gain political authority. Civil wars become what “Allah” or “God” wants, but masked underneath are nothing but human motives.

Unfortunately, television and media play into this by giving violence full coverage. In some ways they perpetuate violence, by making it the top story on the news. Yes, it is very important for us to know about local and international issues, but focusing all of our attention on evil and war only gives more power to it. We become helpless and cynical –sure that there can be no resolutions to our prevailing international issues.

In our global community today when a leader of a country goes to war, he or she is fully aware that all eyes of the world are on them. When one religious group brutally murders a group of another –they are begging for media attention, hoping that it will send a clear message to others “follow our teachings, or die.” Media, in some ways, has the power to determine the outcomes of war. The way they spin each story, embellish one thing and not another, or the ways in which they interpret international events affects the way we comprehend an issue.

Canada is a thriving multicultural society. Though racism, sexism and classism still exist, we do not hide knives or guns under our pillows. For most of us, our multiculturalism is a source of pride and strength –we try to build bridges and partnerships instead of gulfs and ridges between us. I believe that for most of the rest of the world, this desire to live in peace and tranquility also rings true. For instance, consider Christmas Eve in 1914. The seemingly unthinkable happened –ally and enemy started singing carols and songs. Voices called out from both friendly and enemy trenches. Eventually the shadowy shapes of soldiers gathered together in no-man’s land, laughing, joking and sharing small gifts. Would this spontaneous effort by soldiers to create peace have lasted were it not for the interference of generals and politicians?

Though it is hard for many to be jovial during the holiday season, I think it is perhaps the most incredible time to do so. People of every denomination recognize it as a time for celebration and reflection. This December let’s stop and think about what the holidays are really about. At the very least, I think they are about recognizing and respecting our differences. If we focused on being positive, on stopping to be thankful for what we have, if we tried to walk for a minute in someone else’s shoes, and if we carried that experience into the New Year and beyond –we would in no doubt live in a less chaotic and violent place. Let’s stop giving violence power. Let’s place that power right back where it belongs and stand united with our so-called “enemies” as they did December 1914 and place aside our differences.


Kristin Taylor
Freelance Writing, Editing & Creative Photography
P: 705-241-0839

~Professional communication solutions at a competitive rate~

Kristin recently self-published a novella entitled 'The Other Side of Happiness', with 20% of sales donated to Rainbows Canada –a not-for-profit organization offering a no-cost peer support program to children, youth and adults who have experienced or who are experiencing grief. Supporting Rainbows was a natural decision for the writer, whose novella covers many of the topics dealt with in the Rainbows peer support program.

Books are available from Kristin Taylor directly for $10.00 plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

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FOOD & DRINK Magazine : : Holiday 2006
Posted by A Flying Fork on Saturday 25th November, 2006 @ 11:25   Printable Version

Recipes Regal Roasts
Christmas 101
Sea Faring
Celebrating Brunch
New Year's Countdown
Dulce de Leche
Holiday Squares
Cheese Please
Canadian Christmas Eve
Dessert Cheat Sheet
Kid-Friendly Fare
A Book for Cooks
All that Glitters
A Casual Affair

These recipes may now be found online at the LCBO Food&Drink site

Regal Roasts: Five superb alternatives to turkey, great for any occasion this holiday season.

Slow Roast Crown of Pork with Fig, Cranberry Stuffing
Roast Sirloin of Beef
Scottish-Style Leg of Lamb
Roasted Veal with Balsamic Vinegar
Asian-Influenced Roast Capon

Christmas 101: Entertaining is a snap with these fabulous classice holiday recipes, all with a fresh twist.

Tomato Bisque with Roasted Lobster
Asiago and Leek Gougeres
Hot Tourtiere Nibbles
Dried Cranberry Relish with Port
Sausage and Mushroom Sourdough Stuffing
Beets with Marmalade Butter
Rutabaga and Squash Swirl
Chestnut Pound Cake
Roasted Pear and Caramel Trifle

Wisps, Floats & Splashes: Transform basic liqueurs into celebratory cocktails with these simple recipes.

The Paris Bubbly
The Grand Cosmo
The Disaronno Sour
The Blue Bayou
The Lychee Tangerine

Sea Faring: A delicious seafood menu that sets an elegant tone for your Christmas Eve celebrations.

Scallop Martinis
Spiced Mussel Chowder
Pan-Roasted Halibut with Shrimp Risotto on a Bed of Spinach
Orange Almond Tart with White Chocolate Cream

Celebrating Brunch: For a relaxing change from the cocktail party scene, invite your gests to a fabulous holiday brunch.

Orange-Rosemary Buttermilk Biscuits
Ham Steaks with Port and Cinnamon Glaze
Root Vegetable Home Fries
Wild Mushroom Frittata
Christmas Fruit Salad
Apple, Ginger and Hazelnut Coffee Cake

Punch for Brunch: Festive drinks made in batches add pizzazz to gatherings large and small.

Apple Ginger Sparkling Punch
Pomegranate Punch
Sparkling Tropics Cocktail
Two Citrus Punch
Pomegranate Cocktail

New Year's Countdown: Ring in the new year withthese 10 tantalizing hors d'oeuvre - hot, cold, skewered and dipped.

Smoked Paprika Shrimp with Lime Dip
Olive Walnut Spread
Gorgonzola Marscapone Dip
Chipotle Cornbread Bites
Prosciutto Parmesan Sticks
Escargot and Mini Mushroom Kebabs
Roasted Red Pepper Bocconcini Pops
Teriyaki Salmon Skewers
Sun-dried Tomato-and-Pistachio-Topped Brie
Wilted Spinach and Garlic Crostini

A Perfect Pair: Our pick for this season's best food and drink pairing.

Creole Christmas Cake

Dulce de Leche: Rich and thick caramel sauce turns cream puffs, bread pudding and spice cake into decadent indulgences.

Dulce de Leche (thickened caramel)
Spice Cake with Dulce de Leche Icing and Toffee
Pulla Bread Pudding with Spiced-Rum Caramel Sauce
Dulce de Leche Cream Puffs with Frangelico and Hazelnuts

Holiday Squares: Five fabulous recipes that will sweeten the season for friends and family.

Brown Butter Spice Bars
Caramel Latte Cheesecake Squares
German Chocolate Squares
Key Lime Pineapple Squares
Maple Pecan Squares

Cheese Please: Specialty cheeses star in a scrumptious holiday appetizer, main and dessert.

Toasted Pecan and Blue Cheese Truffles
Caramelized Leek and Mushroom Soup with Crisp Cheese Croutons
Nutty Cheese and Apricot Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Warm Chocolate Ricotta Tarts with Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce

Canadian Christmas Eve: Quintessential Quebec fare shines in this crowd-pleasing traditional menu.

Romaine and Beet Salad with Quebec Blue Cheese
Tourtiere with a Twist
Tomato Ginger Chutney
Maple Raisin Pound Cake

Vanilla: A look at vanilla's rich history, flavour and scent - plus tow great recipes for simple hostess gifts.

Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Sugar

Dessert Cheat Sheet: Fancy up store-bought treats to mke easy and elegant desserts in a snap.

Dressed Up Shortbreads
Caremelized Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream and Chocolate Ginger Sauce
Quick Tiramisu Cups

Kid-Friendly Fare: Please the whole crowd with this Asian-inspired menu full of kid-friendly fare.

Crispy Vegetable Wontons
Warm Soba Noodle Salad
Sesame Cucumber Salad
Baked Apples with Warm Cider Caramel

A Book for Cooks: An excerpt from Lucy Waverman's new book that offers loads of practical tips and superb no-fail recipes.

Asparagus, Spinach and Fennel Salad with Cream Tarragon Dressing
Sichuan Eggplant
French Macaroons

Before and After Cocktails: Signature cocktails to offer guests pre and post feast.

The Naked Martini
The Holiday Kiss
Between the Sheets
Blueberry Tea
The Chocolate Mistletoe

Ports of Call: From start to finish, savour the taste sensations of these can't-miss port-and-food combos.

Stilton, Dried Fruit and Roasted Nuts
Beef Tenderloin with Shallots and Figs
Bittersweet Chocolate Panna Cotta with Raspberry and Port Sauce

All that Glitters: For a sparkling end to a holiday dinner party, these delectable cookies, wine jellies, meringues and tarts will dazzle guests with their shimmering touches.

Baked Meringues with Spun Sugar
Gold Leaf Wine Jelly
White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Tarts

A Casual Affair: Beer and latkes make a terrific pair when you're in the mood for a relaxed holiday get-together.

Dill and Feta Polpettes
Indian Pea and Potato Pancakes
Spinach Date Fritters

Food & Drink magazine is published by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario six times a year, and is offered to the public through LCBO stores in Ontario.

Find out how you can reserve your very own copy of this high-quality glossy magazine as soon as it becomes available, and have it delivered with your order.

Remember, A Flying Fork is licensed to deliver liquor, wine, beer and spirits!

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TIP: Conversions, Equivalents & Substitutions
Posted by A Flying Fork on Thursday 26th October, 2006 @ 18:34   Printable Version

Kitchen Tips WEIGHT CONVERSION (Approximate)



(American standard cup Metric converter equivalent-approx.)




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A Flying Fork


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